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ENG New York Times, Nate Chinen (aug.2014)

The conventions of the tenor saxophone trio — consisting of sax, bass and drums — have held remarkably steady since Sonny Rollins brought them into popular usage in the late 1950s. Within those parameters, even a tweak can feel like a push against established precedent.
For the tenor trio Swallow/Talmor/Nussbaum, the difference has everything to do with a single member: Steve Swallow, whose style on five-string electric bass, a matter of stretch and sinew, has been refined over more than 40 years. The dark, wormy dimensions of his sound give the trio its defining trait on some of this album’s tracks, like his own “Get Lost,” a catchy tune with a rhythmic trapdoor, and “Ups and Downs,” by his longtime partner, the pianist Carla Bley. (They have played it together for a while in a drummerless trio with the saxophonist Andy Sheppard.)
But it’s the easy chemistry among Mr. Swallow and his band mates, the tenor saxophonist Ohad Talmor and the drummer Adam Nussbaum, that gives “Singular Curves” its claim to singularity. The trio has released one previous album: “Playing in Traffic,” its appealingly loose debut, on the Italian label Auand. This follow-up sharpens the band’s focus, with a program of mostly original music in a swinging postbop mode.
Mr. Talmor, whose dry but expressive sound on tenor can evoke Joe Lovano, has a knack for writing sturdy but pliable compositions: “Meli Melo” is a tone poem in a gracefully halting cadence, while “7 Things” spins neat arabesques over the chord sequence for the standard “All the Things You Are.” “Flight to Missoula” briefly enlists the members of the trio as three strands in a braided counterpoint.
Mr. Nussbaum has his own proven rapport with Mr. Swallow, present at every turn on the album and highlighted on a spontaneous invention titled “Now Four 2.” But there’s no dominant hierarchy in the band, which will play a pair of album-release shows on Wednesday at the Jazz Standard. Trios usually call up triangular metaphors, so the suggestion of curvature in this album’s title feels like a subtle subversion.

may 28th

The new album of Eugenio Macchia “In Between” in the shops today! have a look to the EPK in our YouTube channel

april 8th

the tentet A10A10 will perform in Foligno on May 25th. Before the concert the audience will watch the documentary filmed in New York last fall

january 8th

From Monday January 9th to Friday 13th “Genesi” by Giovanni Francesca will be broadcasted on Rai Radio 3 Fahrenheit as “CD of the week”!

december 29th

Working on the final cut of a documentary about “Auand Meets NYC”, the festival we did last month in New York to celebrate Auand’s 10th Anniversary. Premiere will be tomorrow in Bisceglie

november 16th

Back from NY! The festival has been an AMAZING experience! We got hours of audio and video recordings. Some of this material and a few stories will be available at Stay tuned!

october 25th

In New York to set up everything for the “Auand Meets NYC” event (Nov. 1-5). We will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Auand Records with 10 concerts in New York City, including the original production “A10A10: Auand 10th Anniversary 10tet” featuring trombone guru Ray Anderson!
Auand wants to thank Luca Fadda, Enzo Capua and Silvana Porcu for their precious help

september 16th

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Auand Records we are proud to announce the festival “Auand Meets NYC”. It will take place in New York from November 1st to November 5th in 5 different clubs (Smalls, Zebulon, Barbés, Galapagos, Seeds) involving 21 musicians! Please check out the website

september 10th

Exactly 10 years ago we entered the Artesuono Recording Studio in Cavalicco (UD) to record the first CD of Auand with Gianluca Petrella and his quartet. 10 years after the Italian magazine Musica Jazz (22publishing) is on newsstands with a 12-page special article about Auand and its anniversary + a compilation with 15 tunes / over 77 minutes called “Raccolta Differenziata”. Enjoy it!

august 3rd

Auand is now available at iTunes! direct link from each page (click on the cover of the desired album)